Street Candy ATM 400

​Having been one of my closest friends in this project it seems only apt that we do a review on Street Candy ATM 400. Street candy was one of the other artisan film projects that started at around the same time we did, bringing out the first Street candy film a few days after I brought out Skyline 400. 

I got a chance to shoot some rolls of Street Candy while on a trip in Belgium and I got a full feel for it, here were my thoughts...

The film itself is nothing short of attractive, with a stark, interesting label that really stands out. There is no DX code, unlike films such as Nation Photo B/W 400 which I reviewed in a previous Blog, but unless you are a compact user this shouldn't pose much threat. After shooting 2 full rolls I went to get them developed. My idea was to develop the 2 rolls different ways, send one to a lab and home develop the other. The aim of this was to explore the development latitude of Street Candy and to show whether it is worth sending it to a lab or just home developing. These were the results I got...

Lab Developed

Home Developed

Overall I think I liked the home developed film best. Probably due to the subject matter but I also preferred the slightly more grainy look. 

As for developing times you can find everything on Street Candy Film's website: 

Street Candy is a fun and interesting film for any photographer wanting to try something new. I would definitely recommend it to everyone

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